The Many Facets of American Life

The photo below has ALWAYS made me chuckle.  To me, it so much represents Africans in America, though this photo was taken in some east African country.  Who do you think will win this argument?  Unfortunately — depending on one’s point of view — it is often the hippo.








Thoughts 2  *******************************************************************

Let’s be honest, the fuel that drives America has always been for the most part in the ‘White Man’s’ tank.  African-Americans and Hispanics simply never accumulate enough wealth to provide that investment that brings to pass large corporate structures that provide jobs, products, and services. 

Standing across the aisle from the white folks are Liberals of many persuasions, e.g., hispanics, blacks, and whites I refer to as Lib-tards.  There is one truth about all these folks:  they want the money of mostly “white folks” to bring to pass their perverted, distorted, and surreal view of “what the world should be.”

These folks purchase votes.  They have been at this game since immediately after the ‘Northern States’ conquered the ‘Southern States’.  That conquest, I lay at the feet of stupid white folks, my ancestors.  Had my ancestors been as brutal as they should have been, America would be radically different today.  Am I unhappy that this occurred?  Absolutely not, for even with all of the troubles African-Americans bring in the daily lives of their fellow Americans, they are no longer slaves and at least have the opportunity to succeed.  It is just sad they often do not.

Thoughts 3 *******************************************************************

There is a great battle going on within the Republican Party.  The ‘Republican Elites’ who have no occupation in life other than politics, desire to express a more liberal form of Republicanism than the growing block of hard nosed conservatives within the party.  This is unfortunate because this battle may hand an election victory to Barack Obama in November.  As I have said, I will not vote for Mitt Romney.  I will vote “present” as one Senator Obama is so famous for.

Thoughts 4 ****************************************************************

Of the elements challenged by the Black Racists marching on top of the death of Trayvon Martin two of those are the “Castle Defense Doctrine” and the “Stand-Your-Ground Doctrine.”  The impetus that brought these doctrines to fore was the attack that occurred in a Lubby’s restaurant in Texas.  To me, this doctrine does not connect to the Texas incident per se, but it did provide the impetus to enact concealed-carry laws and in sync, laws implementing one’s right to self-defense in almost any public venue — in addition to the long held right to defend the home, e.g., “Castle.”

I assume black folk understand that young black men, based on strong statistical evidence, are prone to find themselves in situations where someone might have the need to defend themselves from the young black man.  Although I have not viewed today Atlanta paper, I can bet you such a circumstance occurred in the late evening yesterday or during the might.  We’ve just gotten used to that here in Georgia.

I am not referring to the Trayvon Martin case.  That case lies in a gray area where I do not as yet have enough “fact” to say with certainty one-way-or-the-other what the conclusion will be.  (Granted, the facts are building in the public domain.)

One clear cut case occurred last year (2011) when a Georgia Tech student was attacked by a young African-America man wielding a knife in a parking lot in Rockdale County.  The Tech student was cut on his arms and suffered a puncture wound as I recall.  He pulled what I think was a .40 caliber semi-auto pistol and shot the attacker in the head.  The attacker was still holding the knife when police arrived.

Is it that African-Americans value life so little, that they prefer both their own children and the children of others outside their race lose their lives?

Thoughts 5 *****************************************************************

Liberal gay men.  Lord help them.  I had words with one on RealJock on Monday I think it was that had no issues with a 17 year old carrying a plastic bag that obviously had contained marijuana.  Furthermore, this gay man believes that it is a lie that said young man was caught spray painting a school building when said bag was found.  (Not to mention jewelry and items that can be used to illicitly enter homes to obtain that jewelry.)  I assume this gay man — if he has children — provides them with marijuana in their teen years so that at least will not have to face the threat of dealing with a drug dealer.  Did Trayvon Martin’s parents purchase his marijuana for him?

While what I have stated below will not faze thousands of liberal gay men, it should shock America.  For within the group of Americans protesting the Martin killing, it seems to me they do not expect the standard the vast majority of Americans would hold their children to to be applied to their own children.

Trayvon Martin was obviously a young man in trouble.  Had he not been killed, how many more months and years would it have taken till be graduated to a criminal level where being a teen no longer protects one from incarceration?  Think of it:  at age 18 that spray painting would have most likely been prosecuted — at least in my conservative community.  Perhaps that tolerance seen in Miami-Dade, is the real issue.

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