ObamaCare — The Socialist Healthcare Plan

At this particular moment in American history — and we are making history folks — the real question is:  Is a Socialist Society compatible with the Constitution of the United States of America?

This is Barack Obama’s challenge.  Not only is Barack Obama a Marxist Socialist but he is a blind racist.  Don’t believe me?  Look at the Trayvon Martin case where this President waded in never questioning whether George Zimmerman may very well be innocent of any crime.  Trayvon Martin has uttered no words.  George Zimmerman has made multiple statements to law enforcement from local, state and federal agencies.  George Zimmerman stated it was self defense.  Barack Obama would believe a black teen who is dead and can no longer speak before he would a Hispanic American or a White American.

Barack Obama is the man who brought us ObamaCare.

I personally believe the court will invalidate each and every one of the 2,700 or so pages of ObamaCare.  No, they will not analyze each page.  They will invalidate the act in total because they do not intend to “micro-manage” the affairs of Congress.  America will have an opportunity to look at healthcare in the light of a new day where Socialist are not the designers who will construct a plan in violation of our nations most sacred principles. 


Having said that I want to illustrate how liberals have previously destroyed healthcare.  Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital is a microcosm of Liberal Socialist Healthcare.

When Maynard Jackson became mayor of Atlanta in 1973 I think it was the city began to morph and has only recently slowed its’ rate of change as conservatives have mustered strength in state government.  I will not detail all of the history laying between 1973 and today, but what the reader needs to know is that Grady Memorial Hospital became the hospital where “free” healthcare was provided for a growing population of African-Americans within the city and surrounding region.

Grady, for short, became many things, one of the most damning being it became a “Jobs Program.”  Secondly, Grady became an institution where 30 to 35% of all contracts had to be given to minority owned businesses, whether these businesses were capable of performing any real work or not.   In fact, like Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the “development” office’s primary focus is in assisting minority contractors in filling out FORMS.  You got it, they don’t know a damn thing about development but know a great deal about how to “work the system.”  (And the development manager at the airport lives in River Oaks down in Fayette County where he had his home on the market for $2.3MM here recently.  His college degree?  Something like African-American studies I believe.)

Grady, veered towards financial collapse a few years ago and the State of Georgia stepped in and in effect stripped all control of the hospital from “the locals.”  As is typical for Black Atlanta, calls of “hate for wealth” shrouded in voo-doo terms emanated from Black Atlanta and Emory University — which provides doctors and nurses for Grady because America will never produce enough qualified black doctors to staff Grady — was asked to chip in and forego payments in the millions.  (Now having said that my father was a good friend of Robert Woodruff and Robert left Coca-Cola stock in the hands of a bunch of dam liberals at Emory.  My father had more sense than Robert and did not do that.)

It is my understanding that Grady costs are down over 30%.  Furthermore, Grady would have a cash reserve had its’ former black managers not squandered $300MM in construction funds peeling those dollars off to minority contractors who never completed the work.

Now you know what ObamaLamaDingDongCare would be like.

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