Crime in Your Neighborhood

I have sold my oceanfront Florida home but retained a home in a secure community in Florida.  This had been a long time coming.  As most of you probably know, almost all of the beaches in Florida are publicy accessible.  With accessibility comes the entry of crime.

I have found an oceanfront home further south that sits within a heavily gurded and secure community where the beach is not public.  This home has over 300 feet of shoreline.  I have inserted a schematic of the third floor master bedroom below.  The is a deck high above the master bedroom accessible via stair on which I suspect I’ll spend most of my time.  The home contains two guest wings as well a an approximate 2,000 square foot guest house neat the estates tennis court.

 Florida is a state with contrasts in the extreme.  Within a very short geographic distance one finds impoverished ghettos and hoods with easy access by foot to communities with home in excess of $10,000,000.00.  For better or worse, residents in these mega-communities must limit foot traffic into the community.  By limit, I mean stop.  Along with this come fences, guarded gates, and the latest in security detection equipment.  To illustrate this extreme, read the post I copied in below from city-data from one of the more “educated” of the community.

give me one good thing to do in palm beach county when your 16 or 17 years old. you cant go in clubs, you cant even be downtown after 10. what is that? really there is nothing to do. believe me i know the youth of palm beach county, and about 85% of them at least smoke weed(most do alot more). You can stand at a gas station for 10 minutes and find a dime bag. really kids feel like they cant do anything. if you dont have a car you better be catching the bus by 9 or your stuck. i know about this because i have lived it, and still do. Palm Beach County is boring. thats all there is to it. And about the filth. im not talking about dirty crackheads asking for change. im talking about high school kids, from dreyfoos, and what not. there good people, just like i am a good person, but all there is to do is get high most times. cheaper then getting dinner at the cheesecake factory. and it last longer too.

I made no corrections or additions to the above.  The poster refers to the Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, located in Palm Beach County (West Plam Beach.) 

Why is there crime in The Retreat at Twin Lakes (the community in which Trayvon Martin lost his life) but not in my gated community in Port Orange or the community in which I am going to purchase in Palm Beach County?  It’s simple:  people and community design.

To gain access to The Retreat, all a criminal has to do is tailgate through the communities lift gate.  Better yet, a young criminal can vault over the supposed security wall at The Retreat on one hand after a good charge towards the barrier.  Furthermore, someone can walk into the community as easily as Trayvon Martin did on return from the 7 Eleven and to top that off these folks on foot, much like Trayvon, will just bust the neighborhood watch member in the face and keep going — unless that person pops them with a 9mm.

The other side of this is of course people.  A psychologist could list hundreds of reasons people commit property crimes, violent crimes, and white-collar crimes.  On that list you would note “class envy” as propagated by one Barry ObamaLamaDingDong and his ilk.  I can hear him now — were he truthful:  “There are two ways to git yo’ stuff.  You can either steal it or wait for the ‘guvment to gibs it to ya.”

America still tolerates crime and criminals, even though prison counts are at record highs.  This at least has lowered the number of criminals walking the street.

It’s your neighborhood.  Take control of it.

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