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Black Thug Terry Rawls

I have dispatched someone to Mobile County to locate the prior arrests record of Mr. Rawls.  This will be interesting and perhaps pivotal. Our black thug:  

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Address of Owens Beating

I do not yet have a street number for the location of Mr. Owens beating by a group of black savages in Mobile, Alabama.  I do have the street and correct municipality where the assault occurred: Delmar Drive, Pleasant Valley, … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Alabama Attorney General

I am writing in regards to the filing of assault charges against Mr. Terry Rawls in the assault of Mr. Mathew Owens. WKRG 5 News posted an article to their website on April 25, 2012 from which I quote: “Police … Continue reading

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Black Savages: Attacker tells cops he jumped white man because he was mad about Trayvon Martin case

Liberal Apologist, White Guilt Liberals, and of course blacks themselves have long forgotten that blacks were brought to America as savages.  It makes no difference whether the black man is in the cotton field or on the football field, you … Continue reading

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Science and Liberals

I’m about to host three individuals that I guarantee you are liberals. I agreed to host them for 45 minutes in response to a request from a civic leader to “hear them out” on their request for dollars from a … Continue reading

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Gun Day

Some people have personal tailors, I have a personal gun dealer and range owner.  Today I went to fire some new iron at the range, in hopes of finding a less expensive rifle than my usual drilling for a hunt in … Continue reading

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The Sad Old General Motors

Before the Great Obama Bailout of General Motors, the only advantage GM had over its’ Japanese and German competitors was price.  Overall quality in terms of build and materials was and is at the bottom of the heap.  Just think … Continue reading

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