On Becoming an Uncivil Society: the Seeds of Anarchy Start with Policitians and Pacifists.

For a very long time America has been a nation that would not give in to terrorist and cut deals.  We have however, given in to black racists and those who foment the threat of violence if they “do not get their way.”

Take the Sanford Florida Police Department today.  A blurb from the LA Times states:

A student protest is slated for Monday afternoon at Valencia College in Orlando, according to the Orlando Sentinel. And a handful of protesters — many of them students wearing hoodies — succeeded in shutting down the Sanford Police Department on Monday as part of a call for civil disobedience. The department sent out a news release saying it had temporarily closed its offices rather than tangle with protesters who had barricaded the front door. 

In my fathers day a civil society conducted its’ affairs so that its’ citizens were not barred from public facilities because of a group of terrorist attempting to to force their will upon all of society.  When a minority group becomes more important than all of society, you no longer live in a democracy, you live in a dictatorship governed by whim.  The lifespan of the civil structures of this nation are very short indeed.

I call for the Sanford Police Department to issue holiday passes to all of its’ officers if a riot comes to Sanford.  You guys vacation over on the beach while all hell breaks loose.  We will give dozens of special prosecutors something to keep them busy as black racists burn our homes and we defend ourselves.


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