10mm Auto

I have been a 10 mm fan for a very long time.  Of the several 10 mm’s I own, all are Glocks.  I do have a Kimber 1911 pattern 10 mm on order, but alas, only Glock seems to be a true gun manufacturing company.  Walk into my favorite gun dealer and not only does he have Glocks flying off the shelf, he has a big stack of them in storage in the back room.

Of these, my model 29SF is my favorite.  I load these myself with my favorite load being Federal Guard Dog bullets — 135 grain —  that I’m having to remove from 40 S&W ammo.  These I place in Starline brass and generate 1675 fps on the chrono.  Not shabby at all folks. 

I have tried these on an old windshield.  Keep in mind this windshield had been removed from a late model car and is no proof similar results would occur in real life, but these 10 mm’s collapsed the windshield.  Enough convincing for me. 

As many worry about recoil, I need comment on such.  Yes, this is not your 9mm +P+ cartridge you are firing.  On the other hand, my belief is you would not need to unload that SF29 clip into your attacker to be successful.  (Yes, George Zimmerman saved his own life with one shot, but I suspect part of the reason for that effectiveness was the pumped up blood pressure of one Trayvon Martin who brought that pressure up with a strong slug of dope.  I shall recant and apologize beyond belief if this proves not to be true.)  If a little 125 pound guy like me can take the recoil, you big men and sinuous ladies take it and be effective.

To me, one of the most effective means one can develop to manage recoil comes with PRACTICE.  Yes, the muzzle of the SF29 is going to rise, but don’t lock the pistol in that position because the weapon stunned you.  The muzzle is coming down.  Allow your hand or hands to let it do so.

Although I have enjoyed Federal’s new Guard Dog, an Expanding Full Metal Jacket ammo, I also plan on pulling bullets from 40 S&W Ranger T for reloading.  Yes, this is expensive as hell, but it is also fun.  I want to see what performance trail-off if any occurs by pushing the Ranger bullet at higher velocities than Winchester does in their 9mm and 45 ACP Ranger T loads.

I’ll try and do better at updating posts as I progress through my ammo trials.

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