George Zimmerman Defense Fund

I have not posted the link to George’s defense fund here as I’m sure many of the trashy folks I tend to attract and run into on sites like would attempt to create something like a denial of service attack.  Perhaps they should try that so PayPal can sic the Feds on them.  Lol.

At any rate, should our power driven prosecutor in Florida prosecute George for manslaughter, I’ve brought the till up so he will have first rate investigators and defenders for his cause.

On a side note, a so called Reverend in Georgia, Markel Hutchins, filed a complaint in Federal Court in Federal Court yesterday challenging Georgia’ “Stand-Your-Ground” laws.  I have arranged to pull independent sources into some type of litigation against Mr. Hutchins.  Personally, though our legal system does not support it, I think he needs to be charged as an accessory to every murder committed by black folk since he has stated that Georgia’s “Stand-Your-Ground” laws specifically discriminate against those black murderous thugs.


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