Image of parts in my new car.

I suppose most will think this is a weird photo.  Unfortunately one needs to know a fair amount about engines for this to make any sense.  The image shows a few of the basic internal and intake components of the BMW V12 used in my Phantom and the BMW 760Li.  In the Phantom, it displaces 6.6 liters.  (The size of the GM Duramax diesel.) 

On the left top is an air-to-water intercooler.  One also bolts on the right intake but is not shown here.  Down below is an oil scavange pump.  One must move lots of oil to keep these V12’s stroking at maximum sustained engine speed rating.  The pistons are shown down the line of six on each side.  It looks like the second piston blocks the view of those behind it.  You can also see the compressor wheels in the turbos and the ends of the four camshafts.

No one builds a better engine then BMW.  (All you union organized GM, Chrysler, and Ford folks shout like hell now.  Remember it is your customers who will pay your pensions before you need worry about putting decent content in your product.)




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