Global Warming

The topic of global warming came up in a series of e-mails I’ve exchanged on with a student who resides in Maine, who in spite of the fact he voted for George Bush in 2004 is a rather classic liberal.  Go figure.  I always knew George was a liberal.

My good friend — I hope — is one of the few technically capable RJ members.  Although he grew a Cathlic gay boy, his religion these days is that of the Atheistic program of the Scientific Method.  Oh well, God did after all invent science and for those who think science tells all please read the book of Hebrews in the New Testament.  I’ll not go into that argument because a true Atheist won’t see the argument anyway.

At any rate, I have attached a wonderful pdf file on the Global Warming topic.  Ah, I so love heat-transfer and thermodynamics.

And yes, you Liberals, I know you won’t read it.  You’ll just use the argument of some Liberal Prof who takes funding from Demon-crats.  And I might add, these Liberals do believe in God even though they deny God’s existence.  You see, they believe they are God.

Have fun ya’ll!!


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