Neopolitan Citrus Sherbet in Your Neighborhood

I truly did not need to be reminded yesterday that there is a home in a Georgia neighborhood where I bought a piece of property a few years ago as an investment, that can best be described as Neopolitan Citrus Sherbet.  The ‘Queen Bee’ of the development office has to be colorblind among other things.  I won’t go into that, but if you have read any of this blog, it is safe for me to point you towards what I will not go into by saying, “she suffers from white guilt.”

The property is owned by my old building company.  My builder is required to build at least 3,800 sqaure feet on two levels — 3,400 on one level — near a home with the exterior color scheme below, less the green.

I feel sorry for those folks in homes that range as high as $1,400,000 in value (at least before the Queen Bee approvied this thing) in their oft attempts to describe this thing as “the latest contemporary trend in architectural design.  I call it something else.

I’ll try to gather the nerve to snap a picture of this oft photographed wonder for your viewing pleasure.

Long live multi-culturalism even if it does kill property values.


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