A Remarkable Post

While browsing a few moments ago I found the following blurb on the web.  I’ll say no more:

While chatting the other night, we were on the topic of blacks in America and what to make of them – specifically, the relation of the exceptions (the upright, decent blacks, a minority but most people know a few) and the rule (the rest, who need no introduction) and what that means for us. Are there enough exceptions that a workable relationship can be achieved with the rule, and should we keep trying? I say, no and no- black society is corrupt from top to bottom. It wants the wrong things, values the wrong things, wants to lead the wrong kind of lives and holds values that are hostile to ordered society. We’re in an amazing period right now where we are seeing massive and dramatic failures of black institutions and black footholds in the greater society – the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal is a startling but not isolated example, when by all expectations things should be looking up for them as never before.

If we think about it though, none of this should be a surprise. We’ve had blacks moving into positions of governance and responsibility for the past 50 years. In every case, every one, there is nothing but failure, and poverty and violence that follows in its wake. Many American cities have come under black governance only to fall apart with only Federal aid holding them together, and in some cases (the biggest cities especially) not even that has helped. Great American cities have become like Third World cities and are ruined more thoroughly today than the Axis cities we bombed into rubble 60 years ago. Compare Berlin or Düsseldorf in 1945 to Detroit and compare them now. I think the grand experiment has run its course and we have our definitive answer to the question whether blacks are ready to join white society or live up to its level. If the exceptions to the rule were to make any difference, it would have been done by now.

Now what?

After a re-visit to the site that posted this, I found an additional post that continues from above.  Those of you who are currently working in Computational Genefinding may raise your eyebrows in the first paragraph.

I don’t think anyone is ever going to untangle all the contributing factors behind black pathology; I am sure a great deal is contingent and cultural, but I believe there must be something beyond that. Yes, we had periods where blacks were much more presentable and better behaved, with more stable families – one of the arguments I make to people about the miserable failure of the Civil Rights Era is just to point to pictures of what the blacks looked like trying to get into Little Rock High School at the end of the 50s, and what they look like now, but remember that what you saw there was undergirded by Jim Crow. It is striking to me how many pathologies we see in Africa are replicated here despite no physical contact and very little cultural contact. I mentioned earlier that American cities like Detroit have been ruined by black governance and now resemble desolate African cities, but there’s more to it and it’s worth it to immerse yourself into the details. You can see filmed sessions of the Detroit city council on YouTube. My friends, it will blow you away. It looks just like african government – the shabby facsimile of white officialdom, but everything’s off. Cargo cult government. They’ve been separated from their brethren on the Dark Continent for centuries – yet when left to their own devices they resemble nothing more than their brethren back “home.” Kwame Kilpatrick et al are American Mugabes. How did they get like that? They didn’t learn it from us.

I don’t agree with the idea that for blacks, their being american and citizens will trump their primary loyalty and lead us to overcome the worsening situation. Blood is thicker than ideology and this has been the case for a very long time. Particularly among blacks. I am floored by what is going on now, the flash mobs and other forms of semi-organized group violence specifically targeted at whites that seem to be catching on around the country. It drives my pessimism here. It seemed to come out of nowhere but it is widespread and getting more so. Things like this make me think that there might one day soon be some kind of race war after all – arguably it exists already. Once violence gets ratcheted up past a certain point, the dynamic takes on a life of its own… the genie can’t be put back in the bottle, etc. I think violence could flare up quickly and engulf the country. History always turns tragic, and under the surface of this country there are deep and boiling resentments. In some ways, we are now a Yugoslavia writ large. A lot of people in Yugo of ethnicities that had long beefs learned to live together by that point, there were mixed marriages, and so on, but when the circumstances were right, it was on (again). The State will be as hapless and ineffective here as they are with our other crises. Though maybe that will be a blessing in disguise?

I don’t know what will happen past the violence getting out of hand but I could see a great unmixing going on. It is surprising to see mainstream conservative sites and Drudge and so on starting to talk openly about this, specifically focusing on the race of the perps and the concerted effort to cover it up. When you see that rise to the surface, something big is going on underneath.

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