DDupleks: An elegant round for carnage

I was a member of the Boy Scouts of America until I entered college. At age fourteen I earned the rank of Eagle Scout.  I honestly do not believe it my nature to “be prepared” came solely from my association with scouting, but it did help. 

Part of being prepared today relates to the hot press topic of recent weeks surrounding Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.  Liberals — and blacks who all vote for liberals — seem to think your rights mean nothing.  The DO NOT want you as an individual to be able to defend yourself while it takes the lazy ass Fulton County Sheriff’s department deputy 30 minutes to arrive at your home in South Fulton — provided they even decide to answer the call at all — while some black thug rapes your wife and shots you with his illegally carried gun on the way out the door. 

I cite South Fulton above because I have an employee who lives there along with a 88 year old mother, wife, and 95 year old mother-in-law.  All of which have had home invaders of the “darker persuasion” of late.  These people are becoming prepared in spite of the fact that “Black Atlanta” votes in liberal politicians (mostly black) to Fulton County government who truly do not want any law abiding citizen to be armed — lest they do a ‘Trayvon’ and allow the thug to meet his maker.

With assistance in preparation these Godly folk now have tactical shotguns running DDupleks steel frangible slugs.  To the side sits another tactical shotgun with #4 birdshot. 

The slugs are an elegant and amazing piece of engineering work.  Sharp on the tip, the forward end is comprised of six petals that cut into the target, breaking a constriction band, they begin to rotate back from the slug centerline.  As the moment force builds it snaps the petals causing a reactive force at the base of the petal that propels the petals off in a starburst fashion.  (I’ll figure out a way to post a ProEngineer simulation of the physics of this a buddy developed using the product.)  Once the petals are shed the remaining intact slug proceeds on its’ way tearing innards as it goes.

Unlike the run-of-the mill frangible bullets used in handguns, if the DDupleks slug hits a windshield for instance, you’ve not completely supplanted the effectiveness of the slug by shearing the petals away — if they shear away;  keep in mind they are steel and not low tensile lead or compacted alloy.

My advice to law-abiding readers is to prepare and protect yourself while moderate and liberal Republicans like Rick Scott of Florida try to wipe out your right to protect yourself.  They will pass from the political stage just as the liberals who are so anti-gun did when even Obama let the assault rifle ban lay in the grave in his first and hopefully only term.

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