The Sad Old General Motors

Before the Great Obama Bailout of General Motors, the only advantage GM had over its’ Japanese and German competitors was price.  Overall quality in terms of build and materials was and is at the bottom of the heap.  Just think of it:  today you will spend significantly more on a Cadillac Escalade than you will a M550 Mercedes SUV. 

Amazingly, the Mercedes costs less in the face of the trade value of the Euro versus the Dollar.  While your Cadillac will begin to show powdering of its’ acrylic paint in three years, by year 20, your Mercedes urethane paint will say “I need a good polish.”  The list goes on and on:  structures, metals, wiring, wiring connectors, brake systems, engines (the Caddy still runs on an old pushrod design even though Chevy — yes Chevy — updated it a few years ago,) electronics, and even tires all fall short.

Thank you ObamaLamaDingDong and UAW.  Your future is in your hands.  I’ll purchase the Mercedes, BMW, or Toyota myself.

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