Gun Day

Some people have personal tailors, I have a personal gun dealer and range owner.  Today I went to fire some new iron at the range, in hopes of finding a less expensive rifle than my usual drilling for a hunt in Africa.  (A good friend, on a recent hunting trip was relieved of his $40,000 custom drilling by African shysters.)

I’m truly going to be sore for days because of this.  My testing split between sub-40 cal cartridges such as the 375 RUM (which cannot be used in some African countries) to over-40 cals such as the 416 Weatherby.  My buddy also brought a 458 Lott made by CZ, a fine rifle and one I may very well order a copy of.

My favorites turned out to be a Remington 700 XCR II in 375 RUM and of all things, a Weatherby in 416 Weatherby.  Let me tell you what folks, if you fire DoubelTap 375 RUM until you clear the 3 + 1 capacity of your model 700, you’re going to realize your shoulder may not be dislocated, but it sure as hell feels that way.  In spite of African protests of calibers below .40 for hunting the Big 5, the policy is simply bull-patooti with the 375 RUM and DoubleTap.

I had hoped my dealer would have a Weatherby Mark V Dangerous Game in 458 Lott.  Not the case.  Kimber also chambers their 8400 in 458 Lott, but as you’d expect from America’s often amateur gun manufacturers (Glock builds guns, they are at my dealer in stacks that empty out every 10 days or so.) they aren’t too concerned about delivering product.  (I heard of a guy waiting 4 years for a KelTec assault rifle; I forget the model number.)

As a side note, on a hunt a few years ago, we were chased on foot by a hippopotamus.  We were perhaps a half-mile from our vehicles in hopes of bagging a bull elephant.  One would think that a hippo would go down easily in comparison to rhino or elephant.  Do not be stupid and think that.  Just as a wild hog can be killed with a 45 ACP pistol until one day the confidence you have built in that caliber is suddenly wiped away (possibly along with a bleeding you) by a feral hog that will not die, a hippo may send you to heaven in the open bush before you’ve had time to think how cute they can be.

Take care fellow hunters.

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