Science and Liberals

I’m about to host three individuals that I guarantee you are liberals. I agreed to host them for 45 minutes in response to a request from a civic leader to “hear them out” on their request for dollars from a local foundation I outright fund and control. Such meetings are ALWAYS interesting, entertaining, and often display new twists in the liberal mind. I’ll come back and finish this post after my session. I suspect my conservative readers will enjoy the post as much as I will my meeting.

Oh gee, the flapping jaws of Troglodytes.  I’m not sure I have the patience to recite their words.  In fact, I won’t recite their words, as I agreed not to recite their words to any agent of the press so long as they not recite mine.

I can say however I was correct in the title of this post:  Science and Liberals.  No big fricking surprise that liberals enjoy bashing conservatives over the head with supposed scientific fact as long as that science is coo-coo science.  When science is real-science-that-does-not-support-their-agenda, they call you the coo-coo or run from it.  Classic examples are the models and DATA they use to sell global warming (otherwise known as how we are going to build an agenda to “transfer-wealth” from first-world countries to third-world countries or “institute complete welfare” for lib-tards in the U.S.   I love it!!

I actually agreed to provide these folks with some funding.  However…….should they fail in their effort — and they will — they have agreed — via contract — not to seek federal funds for their efforts for a period of four years;  and the principles cannot bail and become associated with a similar entity.

Now what do I get for this?  Access to something I plan on using for something they do not understand.

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