An Open Letter to the Alabama Attorney General

I am writing in regards to the filing of assault charges against Mr. Terry Rawls in the assault of Mr. Mathew Owens. WKRG 5 News posted an article to their website on April 25, 2012 from which I quote:

“Police say the tension between Owens and Rawls had been escalating for three years. In fact, that wasn’t the first time police were called to Delmar Drive. Police say Rawls has attacked Owens before, but charges were never filed because they say Owens instigated it.”

In years past I chaired a foundation, “The Gan Eden Foundation” that worked with the Carter Center in Atlanta in regards to law enforcement across the United States. At the time, then Congressman Newt Gingrich, who represented my district was instrumental in involving U.S. Attorney General Richard Thornburg in matters related to prisons and jails in the U.S.   While I have long since ended that effort, it is perhaps time that new attention is focused on black on white crime.

In the above quote from WKRG 5 my question is this: In the previous incidents between Mr. Owens and Mr. Rawls, was Mr. Rawls physically on Mr. Owens property when the incidents occured? It seems perhaps that the Mayor of Mobile and the Chief of Police of Mobile need to develop a concept of private property. If Mr. Rawls were on Mr. Owens property when these incidents occured, I find it implausible that at a minimum criminal trespass charges were not filed.

I think it is in the interest of the State of Alabama to ensure that all citizens who commit acts of violence be charged and arrested irregardless of race. As I pull up my old organization and place people on the ground in Mobile, we will look at these previous incidents between Mr. Rawls and Mr. Owens. I hope we do not find that the beating of Mr. Owens could have been prevented by charging Mr. Rawls some time ago and subsequently placing a restraining order on Mr. Rawls to remain away from Mr. Owens.

One of my first efforts must be to look at Alabama law to determine if the City of Mobile can be held civially responsible for not having previous taken action, through the police department, to end the conflict between Mr. Owens and Mr. Rawls using the limits of Alabama Law to their fullest.

To all citizens of Alabama, it is inexcusable that some twenty or so adults would attack an individual. I look forward to further arrests.

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