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DDupleks: An elegant round for carnage

I was a member of the Boy Scouts of America until I entered college. At age fourteen I earned the rank of Eagle Scout.  I honestly do not believe it my nature to “be prepared” came solely from my association … Continue reading

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Amen. Pass the ammunition brother.

Taxes: The Third Rail of Alabama Politics From a  Birmingham Liberal — Taxes are the third rail of Alabama politics. The state has the lowest per capita taxes in the United States and yet to hear the politicians talk, you’d … Continue reading

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Computational Gene Finding

Thought I’d open this one up before I head out to dinner.  I’ll create the main body of this post later this PM. ____________________________________ Ok, a day late and a dollar short.  Lol.  That should teach a few folks not … Continue reading

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Obama’s Defeat

Your surprise of the the day is that I, while not a Romneybama supporter, am currently not convinced Barack ObamaLamaDingDong will defeat Mitt Romney in November.  I say this after receiving a summary of research conducted by a private partisan entity whose purpose … Continue reading

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A Remarkable Post

While browsing a few moments ago I found the following blurb on the web.  I’ll say no more: While chatting the other night, we were on the topic of blacks in America and what to make of them – specifically, … Continue reading

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International Monetary Fund

I for one think it is time for the International Monetary Fund or IMF to disappear.  The IMF does nothing other than engender dependency and support the ‘welfare state’ as we are seeing in Europe today and have seen in … Continue reading

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It makes my blood boil……

…..every time I think of that white trash Governor Rick Scott and his white trash bitch Angela Corey.  Now this supposed man called Governor is formed a committee (headed by a black minister if course) to prevent Flordians from protecting … Continue reading

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