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The Social Contract: The Individual vs. The Community

After the first dozen or so pages, with many of these being introductions and additions by others, Jean Jacques Rousseau defines the Social contract in this way: “These clauses [of the Social Contract], properly understood, may be reduced to one … Continue reading

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New Book Under Pen Name

I am no Futurist. Finding potential pleasure, not to mention work, in an offer however, I have accepted a role to author a book on future economies. In so doing I have played the field wide in not bounding future … Continue reading

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Why General Motors Will Ultimately Fail

GM will ultimately fail for a very simple reason:  General Motors always has and always will compromise when delivering its’ absolute best to the investor and the customer.  General Motors will ALWAYS compromise in favor of the union line worker … Continue reading

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Romney Wins in 2012 56% to 44%

That is the general vote mind you. You have heard this news first here.  

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I suppose…….

It shouldn’t take much to figure out (I’m a Southerner so forgive my language TigerTim) that I’m in aircraft mode today.  I get perturbed every few months since we trashed our agreement (rolled out of the agreement) to purchase a Gulfstream G650 with a … Continue reading

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The View from Below

I have weird views from weird perspectives.  Are you surprised? One of our corporate jets has been moved stateside for some refurbishment and I decided to drive up to where it is hangered and do a walk-around.  Most people typically only see … Continue reading

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Real, concrete, measureable intelligence: this is not Trayvon Martin

German teen solves 300-year-old mathematical riddle posed by Sir Isaac Newton DRESDEN, Germany –  A German 16-year-old has become the first person to solve a mathematical problem posed by Sir Isaac Newton more than 300 years ago. Shouryya Ray worked … Continue reading

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