Liberal Democratic Governor Rick Scott of Florida: The Pro-Criminal Governor.

No one can call Rick Scott a conservative Republican.  All of Florida and all of the U.S. can now see that the Governor has formed a “Stand Your Ground” task force composed of liberal Chief’s of Police, Defense Attorneys (who typically defend black thugs), and black legislator’s who openly admit they want Florida’s laws related to “castle Defense” and “Stand Your Ground” gone, post hast.  Has anyone noticed?

You bet they have.  There has been a tremor in Florida conservative circles for several weeks.  Not only do we face a Republican candidate running for President of the United States who has a profound anti-gun owner record, but now we have a nut ball in Florida who panders to the criminal and desires to remove your God given right to defend yourself.  If you kill the damn thug robbing you or — in the case of George Zimmerman — assaulting you, Governor Scott wants your rights removed. 

Rick Scott, The Pro-Criminal Governor.

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