Perhaps there is a reason why Liberals (and the criminals they protect) are anti-gun.

I could not help but laugh when a friend I’ve known for many years came to lunch today and stated he knew of a solution to crime in cities such as Miami, Atlanta, or even St. Louis.  His solution is to distribute two or three tractor-trailer loads of Glock pistols one day and return under cover late that night to drop off cases of ammunition on every street corner.  He has a very valid point in this scenario.

Liberals love minorities even when those minorities commit the vast majority of crime in America.  Hey, until they are dead they vote for Democrats,even if they reside in the City of Detroit and have a rap sheet one-mile long.  Liberals don’t give a flying rat’s ass if their thug voters kill you.  There’s money to be made through campaign contributions, extortion, and affirmative action contracts, among other “thrills.”

When those who are attacked by these thugs discover their days are numbered, their survival instincts will kick in and liberals and their thugs will become “dead meat.”  I hope I live to see that day.

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