We have chained ourselves to savages: (Savage: Brian Clay allegedly bludgeoned to death the mother and daughter at their Las Vegas home.)


Note:  This story was reported in the U.K. press and linked on http://thugreport.com/.  It has become unacceptable to display black savage crime in the American press.  It is much preferred to hype the killing of a 17 year old black attacker (Trayvon Martin) by the victim who was attacked than to show the real nature of black savages.


A 22-year-old man is being charged in the savage killing of a mom and daughter in Las Vegas after a week-long man hunt.

Bryan Clay is alleged to have bludgeoned to death 10-year-old Karla Martinez and her mother, Ignacia Martinez at their Robin Street home last Saturday, in an apparent random crime.

Karla’s father, Arturo Martinez, 39, was critically injured in the bludgeoning attack and remains in hospital with head injuries.

Ignacia and Arturo’s 9-year-old son tragically discovered the slain bodies of his mother and sister, going into school and telling teachers at his Mabel Hoggard Elementary School that they had been killed by his dad.

Police later rejected the allegation.

Karla had been raped prior to her death, Las Vegas Metro police said in a press conference on Friday.

Clay is alleged to have carried out a separate sexual assault, against a 50-year-old woman the day before the bloody murders.

Metro Lt. Rob Lundquist said Clay began chasing the woman at around 2am on April 15, grabing her and dragging her into a desert area and violently attacking her in what became a sexual assault.

Police said they are treating the crimes as unrelated and do not believe Clay had any relationship with his victims prior to the attacks.

Lt. Lundquist said:: ‘This is the kind of case that goes on that they write movies about and I don’t say that as to be an entertainment factor.

‘I’m saying this was a savage, heinous crime.’

Officers launched a thorough investigation of the crime scene, with up to 60 officers working on the case at one stage.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2136558/Man-arrested-bloody-murder-mother-daughter-10-year-old-boy-slain-bodies-home.html#ixzz1tk0NtLPx

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