Remington 700 XCR II in 375 RUM

Let me post a load data/performance chart first, because I’m going to use this is my discussion.


What intrigues me is that first row of data using a Speer 235 grain bullet and 24.0 grains of No. 2400 powder.  The 375 RUM is a bruising cartridge from which one would stray were the hunt of the day for white tail deer.  With energy of 2,859 ft-lbs at the muzzle, this is white tail deer power; slightly over-power I understand, at least if you grew up with Marlin 336 30-30’s as I did, but one hell of a lot better than popping a deer at 50 yards with 5,500 ft-lbs of energy.  “Dead Meat = Destroyed Meat.”  I eat what I kill.  No deer ground with lead please.

Look at some of these charges.  There’s a MagPro at 102.0 grains.  MagPro is from Accurate Powders.  MagPro is a slow burning, double-base powder in spherical form.  Oddly, it was developed for the short-magnums introduced by both Remington and Winchester.  At 0.985 grams per centimeter, it has a similar weight to water (1.5% less in fact at standard temperature and pressure.)  The case capacity of the 375 RUM is somewhere north of this.  If hand loading, be darn careful not to rupture a case or possibly barrel.  The hottest loads out there are DoubleTap.  If you feel you have to have energy near 6,000 ft-lbs, purchase DoubleTap.

After hunting white tail deer, one may wish to pop into Kodiak Island and bag a brownie (no, not those young ladies soon to be old enough to sell cookies, but BEARS.)   For that hunt, look at the top line of the section containing Woodleigh bullets.  Again, the bullet is driven with MagPro.  If you wish to read about the Woodleigh Protected Point, go here:

There are those out there who hunt tiger with 375 class rifles.  I’m not one of those.  I have never had a desire to kill the large cats, although back in my days of hunting in Africa, we would occasionally incurr the wrath of a tiger that had wandered out of the heavy forest.  These guys are just too dangerous to me.  It’s no thrill with the speed with which they can move.  I prefer living, not being lunch.

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