There Will be War in Europe

My View 

In America Liberals will always feed off those who do not share their beliefs. If you are Liberal and want taxes higher, write the damn government a check and shut the XXck up. Ever wonder why Liberals won’t do that? We may yet see a day when Liberals are “dead meat” in America, I won’t say that day will not come. Europe however is where we will see war first.

Blood is thicker than water and the day is coming, at least in Europe, that countrymen will defend countrymen and exterminate those who think they are going to feed off one or more nations as Liberals (Moochers) do Producers in America.  This is not going to be the clean Ayn Rand version of an economic cesspool being saved by benevolent individuals with the knowledge and desire to do so.  It is going to be a blood bath.

There are several questions I have in the ongoing approach to war:  1)  Who will start the war?  2)  Where will the first forces strike?  3)  Will there be players outside Europe who will be the first to engage and enable the initial attacker?  4)  How will the war be fought?

When enough individuals believe that for man to survive, it is necessary to eliminate, subjugate, diminish, and control those who threaten man’s future, we will once again see war.


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