Angela Corey’s Explaination or Stage Performance via Marketing

I find attorneys whose undergrad program that was either in marketing or theatrical performance the most interesting.  Such attorneys typically end up as prosecutors or defense attorneys who are skilled at media and courtroom “performance.”  This is the case with Angela Corey, our lesbian marketing artist, whose passion seems to be personal gain and little more.

I may be wrong.  She could have taken on the burden passed to her by Governor Rick Scott that George Zimmerman he prosecuted for something, no-matter what that something was, in order to appease America’s troublesome black plaugue, of course brought to us over a century ago by the white southern planter.  Of what am I speaking?  George Zimmerman’s KelTec PF9.

We now know that the PF9 held a full clip of ammunition AFTER Trayvon Martin was shot.  There was a single empty cartridge case in the KelTec’s chamber.  This being a semi-automatic pistol, something had to prevent the fired cartridge from cycling, whereby it would have discharged the spent case and pulled another round into the chamber.  So will Corey perform on ‘Main Stage’ and argue it could not have been Trayvon Martin’s hand gripping the PF9 barrel thus preventing the pistol from cycling?  Stage ply or marketing wizardry, which path will the prosecutor use for an explaination?

The autopsy report of Trayvon Martin — of which I have requested yet again today — went to Mark O’Mara yesterday.  We may very well soon learn if this kid who for some odd reason carries around ‘baggies’ with marijuana residue produces these baggies via using the product formerly contained or he simply carries around said baggies for someone else perhaps?  A little income generation on the side?  Not much of a stretch for a black kid in Miami.

Stay tuned.  America’s race baiters and assorted trash are in for a ride.

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