The Efficient Home in Today’s Obama World

Politics.  Yes, politics effect our lives.  The soon to be out-of-office — I hope — Barack Obama has designs to prevent you from using fossil fuels to heat your home.  The current low natural gas prices (though delivery of that gas supports union wages and 20 year retirements in today’s longer living America) aid millions of Americans, but Obama threatens this as stated.

Even without Obama in office, the wise who build a new home will be concerned with efficient use of energy as well as minimizing required space for the averagwe family.  At least this is what I am hearing from those you wish me to roll back into homebuilding and produce above average product with long term efficiency.    Is this possible?

You bet it is possible.  How about an average $150.00 gas and electric bill in 4,700 heated and cooled square feet in Atlanta, Georgia?

How do you bring that to pass?  You follow the engineer’s engineering design and do not listen to the bull shit of ‘Builder Bob’ and the National Homebuilders Association.

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