Trayvon Martin Autopsy and Dope

Ms. Corey is still refusing to allow the Volusia County Medical Examiners office to release the Trayvon Martin autopsy report.  Many of us have wondered why.  Our lesbian prosecutor behaves like many men I know in my own gay community.  She is blindly liberal in her belief that no young 17-year old black boy could ever attack a white guy or a Peruvian-American guy like George Zimmerman.

We found out late yesterday that George Zimmerman was treated on February 27, 2012 for a broken nose, bruised eye sockets, and cuts to thew back of his head.  If we are to believe the undertaker’s comments in regards to Trayvon Martin, no such injuries were present on the deceased.  Now Ms. Corey, why is it you do not want us to see Mr. Martin’s autopsy?  Could it be he had George Zimmerman’s blood on his hands?  Could it be he was high on some illegal drug?  Could it be he sustained no physical injuries because — as George Zimmerman and others said — he was on the ground being pounded by Trayvon Martin?

Angela Corey, by appointment via exectutive order of Governor Scott, you have sided with and grown the cause of people like Al Sharpton and all the other wretched race baiters in America.  Though you will slip back into office this time, America has a “Recall Trayon” chant that will be broadcast loud and wide you you ever decide to run for office outside Jacksonville, Florida.  Governor Scott, you need to resign.

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