A Quote From John Williams: “”I don’t want poor people or blacks in my community.”

Sound racist? Perhaps so, but in my neighborhood my neighbors and I own the streets, the amenities, and of course the homes. The average resale price for these homes along the beach is $25,000,000.00.  Now is a poor person or a young black thug — other than a thug turned rapper — going to purchase one of these homes?  Likely not.

So why should I want to open the gate to my community and allow these persons to roam my streets?  I don’t today have to lower the “Spirit of Ecstasy” into her cocoon when she is sitting on top of the hood in front of my home.  Want to see how long she will sit there if I allow folks like the Martins of Miami Gardens to wander in?

I flat don’t give a damn what liberals, along with poor black trash and poor white trash think about my desire to keep the undesirables out of my community.  Send them to the White House and allow them to steal something there.


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