Mr. Whaley at Georgia Tech versus Mr. Martin in Florida

It has been a year I think since a black thug shot a Georgia Tech student in a parking deck perhaps 600 yards from the Georgia Tech campus during a robbery.  No, we didn’t get all of hoopla’ of a shooting of an unarmed white boy because the Martin case has been driven by stupid liberals, black race baiters, and black racists.  That angst however is not the point of this post.

Mr. Whaley’s shooter also used a 9mm handgun.  The round passed completely through the right side of his chest.  Though critical for days, he survived, the round not hitting anything like the heart.

George Zimmerman likely did not have enough control in his situation while defending his life from a younger attacker to place his shot.  Yesterday, I incorrectly listed that the shot came from above Martin’s shoulder and passed downward.  It did not.  The autopsy posted here defines the path of the projectile.  It was one damn effective shot.

I also posted yesterday and the day before, that the KelTec did not cycle.  The documentation in the autopsy states a case was found at the site of the shooting.  We do not however know whether this was ejected by law enforcement.  It may very well have been once the gun was retrieved.

We do not live in a society that operates under the principles of Meritocracy.  We give “special” favors to what liberals and their supporters perceive as minorities, this including women.  Points are added to test score, percentages are established for promotions with guarantee, and white guys or mixed-race white guys are prosecuted when they exploit their right to self-defense.  No one seriously looked for Mr. Whaley’s attacker, who is apparently still at large.

And so many liberals wonder why there is anger amongst some of us.

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