Our Future Pilot: Trayvon Martin

There is a degree of both fantasy and illogic in the African-American mind.  Why do I say that?  Look no further than Trayvon Martin and his parents.  Here the parents think this is the sweetest most brilliant young man God ever produced (in reality a son of Cain), yet he smokes dope in hopes one day a major airline will hire him to fly to far parts of the word.  Nada.  Even had he lived he was on the wrong track in life.

Recall those “breaking and entering tools” found along with the baggie with marijuana residue?  After the revelation from Martin’s autopsy that confirmed for all of us who knew he was a dope-head, want to bet those tools were being used for burglary?

Remember the character Thade in the 2001 movie Planet of the Apes?  He was a rather spastic chimp wasn’t he? Tim Roth played a criminal black man rather well.  A psychopath with little grasp of human-kind.  Perhaps not Trayvon Martin in full, but damn close

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