We Persevere

It has been so many years since my family and our global business organization began offshoring manufacturing from the U.S. that I simply no longer think of the many issues that fed into the decision that initiated offshoring.  Today’s cartoon opened memory of those events, long closed and forgotten.

It really all began when Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as the U.S. President in Dallas, Texas on the day John Kennedy was assassinated.  Johnson’s Great Society came as the pre-cursor to the Civil Rights Act and an almost immediate response from southern mill owners in shedding housing, daycare, and services such as company run schools they had operated since the 1880’s.  One could say “the hand-writing was on the wall.”

Mill owners knew that the previous threat by white mill employees to stage walkouts were a black or “niggra” as they called them allowed to work physically in the mill was overshadowed by actions of the federal government, including the possible introduction of troops into the southern states. 

Mill owners soon learned that they were the targets of liberal racists — both black and white — who would do anything to enforce equality where none was merited.  The meritocracy that operated the mills was doomed.  Blacks who were not even literate would be forced upon mill owners as employees.  Fortunately this did not displace white workers;  it only added to the size of the payroll, as whites were the only ones in many instances who could perform the required work to keep the business running.  This new forced business model did not last long.  The larger payrolls initiated the process of offshoring.

America is an odd place.  No where else on the face of the globe — other than perhaps Great Britain — are we forced to hire blacks, Africans, or whatever you want to call them.  Walk into BMW’s massive operations in Dolfingen, Germany and you most likely will not see the first black face even though Germany is the country in Europe with the highest African population.  BMW employees are hired on merit, not race.

Venture into Switzerland and tour the Liebherr industrial plant.  The most efficient group of manufacturing employees on the face-of-the-earth resides in Switzerland, not Japan.  The skill level of the line employee is greater than an African-American who holds a Ph.D. produced by the renowned U.S. Affirmative Action college admissions program.

Then there are the Chinese, perhaps the most singularly focused people in regards to building and sustaining an economy.  We are huge in China, with products manufactured that ultimately flood the globe.  Working with the Chinese in manufacturing is like inserting an electronic key into my Rolls-Royce Phantom and motoring away.

A profound sadness has enveloped America.  While my family, my associates, and our business operations will always persevere, the American people will not.  America has been handed to Socialist like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi.  They think government somehow miraculously makes a nation breath.  Reality is America is a nation on life-support, long brain dead and one day to have life support removed.

Don’t think that this same death dirge is not enveloping most of Europe.  Outside of Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg, death is knocking on Europe’s door.  Perhaps Germany will align with its’ former enemy Russia and power an economic boom not seen in decades.  Whatever happens, Germany and its’ sister Germanic countries must not be the paymaster for the remainder of welfare-state Europe. 

May God be with us to make the hard decisions in these troublesome times.

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