It is late in the afternoon for me as I’m in Germany, but I wanted to paste in an e-mail I received from VolusiaExposed.com.  I have not as yet looked at the links in the e-mail.  Perhaps tomorrow AM when I am fresh of mind I will do so. 

There are many questions in my opinion that must be answered in regards to the conduct of those around Florida Governor Rick Scott and his hand picked prosecutor Angela Corey.  I hope the folks at VolusiaExposed drive this home with Florida’s voters.  Were Amerians not to have one Barack Obama as President, I feel the U.S. Justice Department would more likely perform its’ job and look at possible corruption that undergirds Scott’s choice of who prosecuted Zimmerman and whether there has been manipulation of evidence.

Now…….the e-mail:

While State Attorney Angela Corey assures the media that the Sanford PD was actively investigating the Trayvon Martin death from the very get go, as a possible criminal homicide…VolusiaExposed.Com questions why the Volusia County Medical Examiner, or the State Attorney, or the
Sanford PD failed to have a law enforcement investigator at the autopsy
of Trayvon Martin….(see page 2 of the autopsy)…VolusiaExposed.Com
development the below web page that might just shed some light on what
was really transpiring in the Martin “investigation”.





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