Trayvon Martin DNA

Unfortunately time has not permitted me to look at all of the evidence made public in the Trayvon Martin self-defense case.  I did see one thing I found somewhat remarkable in my first view of evidence relased by Angela Corey’s office.  There appears to be a high probability there is DNA on the left slide frame of the KelTec 9mm recovered by Sanford Police on February 26, 2012.  There are at least 6 locations on the slide I believe contain DNA.  Is this is Zimmerman’s DNA from the gun hand (Amazingly while here in Germany European press reported Zimmerman had one bloody hand.  Was this discharge from Martin’s wound, Zimmerman’s hand, or even Martin’s hand?  It would be difficult to measure canabanoids in this sample, provided it is blood that I think it is, but since there is a difference in periferal canabanoids and interior chest canabanoids in a dope head, just like blood sugar levels in diabetics, is this pre-shot DNA or post-shot if it is Trayvon’s?) it is mostly inconclusive, other than he was bleeding.  (Your call folks.)  But if this is DNA from one Trayvon Martin?  Was he clutching the slide when the KelTec discharged.

Interesting.  I’ll be back in North Palm in a few days.

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