Back from Germany

Home again.  As is my practice to jab at Liberals, I’m also back home where a Blinged Vibrating Cadillac cannot pass by my doorway.  Lol.  I have been informed you see that living in a community where my home sits on a private beach, is gated, guarded, patrolled by man and dog, and with occasional helicopter fly-over to ensure the peace — is discriminating against certain portions of American society.  In otherwords, it breaks the very concept of civitas

Actually, this is alos somewhat like the current issue in Europe.  Greeks, Portugese, Spanish, and a few others like those glorious French, somehow think that the “ant” should be FORCED to feed the “grasshopper.”  If you don’t know the story of the ant and grasshopper, please Google it.


After I settle in (and I did sleep on the way home), I’ll see what’s up for the day and post before I crash for my holiday weekend.

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