Dorothy Socked the Cowardly Lion in the Nose

I have a huge map that covers one wall in my makeshift office here in North Palm.  It has pins scattered across it in 163 countries with little paper tags indicating what profits are made and accumulate there.  Some profits flow out to other countries, some remain, and I update these when I’m in a good mood.  I have this same thing in an Enterprise Dashboard that is updated based on a set of rules that relates to he various tax regimes across the globe. 

Politicians, unlike Dorothy’s Lion, never are anything other than the cowards they are on the first day they step into politics.  They are never redeemed.  They never love anyone so much as self and therefore never rise to the occasion and display any real courage.  I do hold one politician in exception:  Newt Gingrich.  It takes supreme confidence and courage to stand down a gay man and say, “I do not support gay marriage, you’ll have to vote for someone else.”  Something to that effect at least.

This guy over in Greece, this Tsipras guy, the Socialist, is a coward.  He naively believes that Europe will bow to Greek demands for more of their earnings.  He is about to learn he is a cheater of reality.  I think Greece will announce on June 18th that it is leaving the Euro and the conversion will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of June.  I do not have a tag on Greece.  The only thing that I am aware of that we market in Greece is pharmaceuticals.  We now require payment up front for those.  Come the 24th of June, they are going to have to see how many drachmas it will take to purchase a Euro and make payment in Euros.  We sell at cost in Greece anyway.  At least that is a small payment in charity.

The Spanish are constantly trying to barter for fuel products from our Eastern European refineries.  We do not give credit to state controlled industry and transportation.  Hell, who knows, they say the state owned Iberia is transitioning to private enterprise.  Funny thing is the unions set the labor rates, not these shadowy new owners and unions through “negotiation.”  We on the other hand set our fuel prices, not the Spanish labor unions.  We draw down purchases from cash accounts.  Oops!!!  No credit Iberia. 

Portugal.  They purchase wine in bulk from us and rebottle and sell as Portuguese wine.  Lovely.  Somehow, I have for a long time thought of trashing that portion of our food business.  It does however support a good cause.  🙂  And you thought the government of the United States was the only entity redistributing wealth.

My advice?  If you ask me for advice when in a difficult situation, I’ll just pass you along to a wise old Ashkenazic Jew.  You’ll be provided with the solution, but you won’t believe him.



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