In Support of George Zimmerman

I will always have sympathy — some would say empathy — for any individual whose life is suddenly and forever altered as is the case with George Zimmerman, when media, race baiters, racists, and con artist attorneys intervene in what would be a tragedy all on its’ own.  My words come back to me.  Words of truth when I founded an organization named The Gan Eden Foundation almost 30 years ago.  Those words are:

“In the war of Good against evil, evil often appears as Good;  and Good, in its’ blindness, is evil.”

There is a man over in Mobile, a few hundred miles from me here is south Florida.  He was beaten by a mob while on his own property.  The Alabama Attorney General’s Office has basically told me “we are hands off,”  as local law enforcement and a local prosecutor is handling the case.  Where is the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder?  Probably with his nose still stuck up the ass of the Martins and Fulton’s south of me.  Hate crime did you say?  Can’t be.  No group of blacks EVER committed a hate crime.

… the war of Good against evil, evil often appears as Good……

I have provided both material and other support to George Zimmerman and will do so until this is seen through.  I will take from the other as often as I can.

God Bless you folks.

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