Life Sometimes Brings Sad Irony

A few weeks ago I witnessed the ultimate betrayal of someone against that which they most loved in life.  This betrayal was committed by a brilliant man, who had become “frozen in time,”  locked in a daily drill of unceasing repetition.  This betrayal is clouded.  It is not clear.  It is inconceivable in its’ horror, begging for alternate explaination, relieving the collapse of breath to once again breath freely. 

Wisdom proceeds along its’ own path.  There are times when you should give someone that for which they ask, knowing it will carry them to what they have earned, more than any notion of what they think they deserve.

Time marches on as it will here also.  The wise are able to grab what the previous generation has passed along provided they can catch and hold a whisper.  Lies fade into forgotten dreams, never to be remembered again.  A door opens, we step through, time picks up its’ step and moves forward.

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