I suppose…….

It shouldn’t take much to figure out (I’m a Southerner so forgive my language TigerTim) that I’m in aircraft mode today.  I get perturbed every few months since we trashed our agreement (rolled out of the agreement) to purchase a Gulfstream G650 with a G650 crash in Arizona I think it was.  I keep getting these things inserted below from Bombardier.  We looked.  I passed.  I continue to move around in the Falcon as we retrofit — for now — a slightly used Airbus.


I am most often amazed at how liberal Canadians can be and produce such an aircraft.  It is a fine machine no doubt.  My only conclusion as to the existence of the Global 8000 and other Bombardier aircraft is that we only hire conservatives.  (Much is true in this as far as engineering, although I’m sure what should wonder in regards to those rivets applied by union labor pea brains.  If you don’t like that comment union girls and boys — go have sex with yourself.)

I can’t wait till the Chinese begin production of their business jet.  I may just join them in that effort.

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