New Book Under Pen Name

I am no Futurist. Finding potential pleasure, not to mention work, in an offer however, I have accepted a role to author a book on future economies. In so doing I have played the field wide in not bounding future economies to our earthy domain. This will be fun.

Although I have yet to write even an outline, I have a title:  Men Do Not Change.  Nothing like the works of Ayn Rand mind you, whose title Atlas Shrugged, may be more fitting for an earthly 3,025 economy than say, an economy — if it exists — with common space travel for you and I somewhere out there today.  I always felt the publisher choose the wrong title for Ayn’s work originally title “The Strike.”  Atlas is too literal a work for a mystical title such as “Atlas Shrugged.”

Stay tuned.  I shall add excerpts here.

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