The Social Contract: The Individual vs. The Community

After the first dozen or so pages, with many of these being introductions and additions by others, Jean Jacques Rousseau defines the Social contract in this way:

“These clauses [of the Social Contract], properly understood, may be reduced to one — the total alienation of each associate [community member], together with all his rights, to the whole community; for, in the first place, as each gives himself absolutely, the conditions are the same for all; and, this being so, no one has any interest in making them burdensome to others.”

It should surprise no one that the “Enforcer” of this contract in the Liberal mind is ALWAYS a government.  Of all of the artifacts of the Liberal mindset, this is the most telling.  It is the basis upon which the Liberal builds — in his/her mind — a utopia, i.e. Gan Eden, from which man has long been ejected.

Is it any wonder that Liberals have failed in reaching their goal?

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