The View from Below

I have weird views from weird perspectives.  Are you surprised?

One of our corporate jets has been moved stateside for some refurbishment and I decided to drive up to where it is hangered and do a walk-around.  Most people typically only see the exterior shell (the monocoque outer plates) when boarding through a doorway.  The surface is most often painted, glossy, and clean of course. 

As I walked past the left main gear it struck me that the underside — which on this craft is not painted — really looks old fashioned.  The rivets are incredibly obvious.  It looks like the skin of a DC-3 even though this is a 15 year old Boeing aircraft,  There are of course areas where warnings are posted either due to rapid intake of air through a vent or rapid exhaust of air out of a vent.  In other areas there are multiple layers of aluminum riveted on top of each other carrying key loads into the fuselage.  The main gear comes up and turns at perhaps a 30 degree angle towards the fuselage. 

Little short me cannot see down the exhaust tube, by standing at the rear of engines, to the turbine blades.  I need a ladder for this.  It remains a good view however as I know the technology in such a machine is often hidden, e.g. it is an alloy say that was cryo-formed and the typical idiot would never realize some bright mind was able to enable this thing to carry him to Jamaica for his next fuXX-fest.

Such is my life so often.  A hidden world that others never desire to see even when their eyes are wide-open.

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