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Cash is Committed

It’s done folks.  Although I am not and never will be a Mitt Romney fan, I have committed $350,000,000 to the defeat of one Barack Obama, as well as Democrats in Congress.  If America is to survive without becoming a … Continue reading

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No one kicks ass like a black lady. Go Girl!!!!

Gun-Toting Granny Shoots Intruder During Robbery It was 3 a.m. on Monday morning when Ethel Jones, a 69-year-old grandmother, heard some noises outside her Decatur, Ga., home. “I heard somebody at the back door and then around at the front … Continue reading

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Thug can no longer rape, rob, and pillage. He sues the lady who shot him.

This pistol-packing granny, who shot a man she accused of mugging her in her wheelchair, wishes she had finished the job — because now, he’s suing her for millions. “I’m a peaceful person. I wish that I had killed him,” … Continue reading

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An old story but worth mentioning

I ran across an old posting where a 70 year old Ohio grandmother “Trayvoned” a black home invader (what do you expect, ha?) with her late husband’s Smith & Wesson .357 magnum.  She stated, “one shot was enough.”

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Photo of the Day: Obamaworld

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Life Sometimes Brings Sad Irony

A few weeks ago I witnessed the ultimate betrayal of someone against that which they most loved in life.  This betrayal was committed by a brilliant man, who had become “frozen in time,”  locked in a daily drill of unceasing repetition.  … Continue reading

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May 30, 2012 Cartoon of the Day

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