Spain seeks direct EU bank aid, Germany resists: cj calls them Socialist swine

Yes, the Spaniards are Socialist swine.  (Even though Prime Minister Rajoy is not.  The heavy collar created by the Socialists hangs around his neck.)   They want (wanted) something for nothing.  When they behave badly they do not want their creditors to have the ability to spank their cute little arse to remind them there are costs associated with mis-behavior.  This is an excellent read as posted by Reuters news service:

The story actually reminds me of stories that pour from the mouths of numerous felons who arrive at the office of their parole officer begging not to be carted back off to jail, knowing that there is likely an arrest warrant that has already been issued, but in child-like mind, thinking they can talk their way out of any serious repercussion.  My question is, how did Spaniards get this freakish African habit in their bloodline?  Did Africans screw the Moorish bloodline beyond recognition from those forebears of the European bloodline?

I will clean up my language today, but as my father would say, “there is a black person in every Liberals bloodline (there is a black in every Liberals closet.)”

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