Why Have Employees When You Can Have Contractors?

Apparently I insulted a gentleman at lunch yesterday, someone I had never met and did not know until our lunch.  I’ll let you determine the nature of this person from my comments here, but based on my previous posts, it would be safe for you to assume this gentleman is a Liberal.  I’ll explain.

Apparently I reside somewhere between a cow’s hoof and the dirt on which cows stand.  🙂  Lol.  During our lunch, involved in casual conversation, I  mentioned some of the many things I have done in life, including the fact that I continue to run a contracting business, where we provide technical professionals, to industrials, transportation and other businesses.  (Having said that I am reminded I need to visit said office.  Lol.) 

Actually, what I had said was we provide contract professionals to a company so that the company did not have to hire said professionals and place them on their regular payroll.  My union nut-balls reading this know of the drill.  Why hire soemone who is going to work, in net, only six months per year when a contractor works literally every hour of a work week 52 weeks out of a year?

I honestly don’t give a rat’s ass what this Libtard thinks, whichlanded me here telling you kind folks about lunch having kept decorum at lunch — and telling the person who scripted the “invite list” to leave this turd off next time.

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