Jar Head Visits the Veterinarian

We are in wonderful Georgia today.  Woo Hoo!!!!  Jar Head, my English Bulldog was due for his annual checkup and we flew up late last night so he could see his lifelong vet.  Jar Head loves to fly with me as he flies in the cabin of course and not in some damn crate in the cargo hold of a commercial air carrier.

While I am here I have much to do.  I must kick off the engineering work for a new secure zone community, check on my Atlanta contracting office, and visit friends I have not seen in a couple of months.  I’m also to make a trip to Spartanburg to check on things there is see what new cars of coming to America.  Plus, I’ve got to try and pick up the new Kimber 10mm 1911 if it hits the store prior to my departure (that, I wouldn’t bet on occuring.)

Oh, forgot the gun maker.  I have an old manufacturing building originally constructed in 1923 that has been kept in excellent condition in which I’m going to bring up a custom 1911 Colt factory.  Some of you may not be familiar with the John Moses Browning design of the semi-auto used by U.S. Military forces until a few years aho when the NATO 9mm took hold.  Some units within the Marine Corps and Navy I think still use the 1911.  I seem to collect these things all over the place myself and I am sure it will get much worse once we start spitting them out the factory door.

More today after I log in and pick up my electronic clippings.

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