Debt to GDP

We have been successful in moving large portions of our manufacturing base within our various businesses into sourced manufacturing.  By this I mean we no longer own and operate a manufacturing plant.  We in effect place a specification out for bid and seek suppliers.  This decouples the organization from many issues seen in today’s global economic system.  These suppliers are not unlike contract employees in the U.S. and other western nations.  When they are not needed, they are not used.

I must say that this is a sad state of affairs.  Many in my family to be honest retired when they saw this coming and “this” was not a surprise.  Today’s state of affairs was predicted within my organization 32 years ago by my father.  It is an economic system of preference and polarization.

Conservatives understand this is survival; a survival that may very well be “survival of the fittest.”  Liberals do not live in reality, so they just continue to complain, whine, and expect all of the world to “do as they say because we are ALWAYS correct in our declarations.”  I personally am well beyond the point of giving-a-damn what Liberals think and can say the same for many Conservatives in addition.

I will not go into great detail as to how and where we bid and collect both finished product and product components.  This process is not what you think it is in regards to social impact.  It is far closer to the view espoused by the Chinese in regards to how they see the world, that being “there is us, our friends, and everyone else.”  Guess in which of the three categories America sits in 2012.

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