No Whining Please, Man-up to Political Correctness

How do you tell a long time friend that they are stupid?  I decided instead not to tell them at all, much less explain to them why their actions were stupid, even though they need a “wake-up” call.  You see this relates to my category of “Whites as Second Class Citizens.” 

Under this category the vast number of topics truly deal with the battle of Liberals versus Conservatives.  Even though for instance, black folk can sit in the workspace of a publicly traded EEO/AA company and spout praises all day concerning liberal morons such as their Prez, a Conservative dare not say a word lest he/she be discharged.  These folks that are being discharged however are finding out something new and wonderful.  That is “they have skills” that are in demand in this dumb-downed America.

Could I tell my friend this?  No.  I basically said “look, your inability to attract and retain talented people is your problem.”  “Look within, maybe one day you’ll find that problems source.”

I have intentionally in my investment career remained solidly away from working with companies that require AA (Affirmative Action) monitoring and participation.  In my contracting office in Atlanta where I sit this moment we do not contract professionals to any organization that due to its’ work with any government entity requires AA monitoring.  Not going to happen folks.  The global economy is way to big to out up with that bullshit.  You are either capable or you are not.  I could care less if you are presentable and green.

Now past this traditional level of discrimination we have seen for decades in America, that discrimination being not hiring and promoting primarily white men so a minority can be hired and promoted, we today have a form of discrimination related to political correctness.  An example is in order. 

If an employee complains because a co-worker is carrying a weapon in their automobile — that they are legally allowed to do — guess who gets fired?  Now reality is there will be no firing.  There will be a layoff, lack-of-work, or something like that.  This is the problem of my friend cited above.  (You know the complainers profile folks.  It is as clear as the profile of a Grizzly Bear.  :-0 )

Maybe my friend will one day grow up, hopefully before he becomes a victim of “political correctness.”

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