“I had rather…….

… not subject myself to overt Liberal Racism.”

This was a reply to the individual who proposed recently that I partner and build a rather large-scale manufacturing plant in the United States.  Further, it seems that the individual who made the proposal was not only taken aback by my reply, but did not understand the term “Liberal Racism.”

Liberal Racism is best defined by an example demonstrated in “Regents of the University of California v. Bakke.”  In the case, Allan Bakke challenged the admissions program of the Medical School at the University of California at Davis (UC-Davis),
which set aside sixteen of one hundred places in each class
for members of the preferred minority groups.  The Supreme
Court struck down this “rigid” program, but Justice Powell’s pivotal
opinion said that race may be a “plus” in the admissions process.  This plus, is implemented through the practice padding test scores or creating “racially conforming” scores. 

On this basis, after Bakke, UC-Davis proceeded automatically
to award each minority applicant five points on account of
race.  In other words, UC-Davis was not and is not concerned with the true verifiable abilities of your physician.  Any old body with an MD will do.

At UC-Davis, because an applicant needed a total of only fifteen points before being grouped among those to be given first consideration for admission, the award of five points made the Medical College Admissions Test and undergraduate grade point average less important for the preferred minorities, and even more important for all others.

The attack of course espoused by Liberals is to destroy any factual basis for presenting credentials of education and ability to any individual, except of course white individuals.  You however, the average Joe citizen, will not know how faked those credentials might be.  From personal experience, I can say there are lots of fake MDs wandering around America’s emergency rooms.

I’m off on a side-track however and should proceed to the facts related to my answer above.  The question to me is am I willing to have such logic as that exemplified by UC-Davis and many, many other institutions, interacting businesses (those I conduct business with), schools, governments, etc intrude into how I operate recruiting, promotion, and yes termination of employees within my business.  No, I’m not willing to subject my capable employees to that.  The opportunity to escape this external to the United States is too compelling.  I will not subject myself or potential employees to Liberal Racism, as most often implemented through Affirmative Action and similar practices.

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