Oops!!! I’m awake. But the real question is whether Mr. Obama is awake.

You realize that the overwhelming majority of the world believe Economist are highly trained business people.  They are not.  Economist were originally — and many continue to be — trained in the School of Sociology.  Most major B-Schools pulled the discipline under the umbrella of the B-School, but unfortunately the vast majority of Economists are “Sociologists,” what I refer to as “Pseudo-Scientists.”  This description most definitely describes one Paul Krugman, who in an article today posted to Politico.com claims Mr. Obama’s “the private sector is fine,” was to be conveyed to we the public more like “the private sector is better than the public sector, as we think the public sector (he would not say the public sector is supported by those of us driving the private sector through taxation) should have GROWN. 

Lol.  This is our Socialist Francois Hollande.  Hire more teachers, firefighters and others working on the public dole and all will be well.  Krugman and Obama are IDIOTS.  Krugman is such an idiot he thinks we in the private sector take orders from him and we are willing and able to support his “workfare” payroll.

I think Krugman and Obama need to be recognized for what they are, i.e. Communist, and banned from America.


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