The People’s “Expression”

An odd tremor is making its’ way through Europe.  In the wake of the election of Francois Hollande and the victory of Socialists in the French parliamentary elections many in the business community are worried the the production and pricing of AirBus jetliners is going to become treacherous.  We expect production delays due to the stacking of payrolls and reduced work-week schedules as well as dramatic increases in pricing.  Of course, some of this will be deflected as major components are made outside of France, where final assembly occurs.

It should not surprise anyone, except perhaps for Communist/Socialists and their liberal cohorts, that this is an open door for further development of the Chinese aircraft industries.  The Chinese may be Communists, but they mow down any organized effort to increase the price of and slow product production.  Perhaps they have settled into the ideal form of Communism, who knows.  One thing is for damn sure, they will one day be the largest global economic engine.

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