A post in the works and a quick and dirty on Krugman and Liberals.

Someone needs to explain to me in solid no bull-shit terms why people like Paul Krugman and Liberals in have zero comprehension of the investors mind. I don’t get it.  Is it that their belief in the School of Socialism — oops Sociology — from which they graduated is so deluded that they believe all of the investors on the face of the globe follow their marching orders? 

Yes, I understand that austerity will further dampen economic growth, but obviously folks like Krugman believe the investor is ever willing to participate in lending; lending to nations that will never repay said debt.  It is a farce Mr. Krugman.  It is also willful theft on your part for coaching the belief of such nonsense.  Are you so ignorant and morally corrupt that you cannot see the problem with piling more fuel on a blazing fire?  I guess not.

I am working on a post concerning God and the Liberal belief that we all came from apes.  I’m beginning to think Liberals are correct that we did, as we supposedly were preceded (the world’s population) by black Africans in our evolutionary line and we know blacks all too well in America.  Funny thing how a major portion of Europeans behave like those Chris Rock describes as “Niggas” in his rant of Black People vs. Niggas.

Build battlements around your home folks, Niggas are coming to steal your possessions.

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